About CC

Hi there, my name is CC and I’m an interfaith minister.
Besides dedicating my time writing this blog I, I hike over the hills of county Wicklow, walk along the Wexford beaches, or doing silly dances in my kitchen, I read, and love my rescue puggle, friends and neighbours, also love going to theatre and concerts and travel to places I want to explore.

In October 2015, I started my journey to become an interfaith minister with One Spirit Interfaith Foundation. I am very excited about this journey, as it brings shape to my spirituality in a way I never thought possible.

Being a very inquisitive person, I want to figure out why and how and what about most everything. You would say that I might be in the wrong field for getting ‘hard’ answers. Maybe you are right. That does not stop me from trying. I am all for thinking without a box in sight.
This blog is a lot about what I find on my journey. Stuff that might seem simple, but has stood the test of time for sometimes over a thousand years.

What I love the absolute best about my work and life is all the different people I meet. I do believe that you can learn at least 1 lesson from each person you meet during your lifetime, and I am in the lucky position to get plenty of very inspirational lessons. I love to hear from you, as what you tell me could send me in a whole new direction.

Oh yeah, and I am a photographer as well 🙂 All photographs on my blog are mine, and in the public domain. This means you may use them, but not make money of them. I would like it, if you do use one or more, that you tell people I made them.

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  1. Hi CC, it is very nice to meet you! I love your blog. Thank you for the follow back!:) I think Ireland is the most beautiful country in the world and you are sooo lucky to live there and enjoy it all the time! 🙂
    My sincere Blessings to you, dear CC! May the Angels be always around you! Love and Emerald Light! Zanna ❤


    1. CC's Healing Journey says:

      Thank you so much Zenna. Ireland is amazing, and I am very blessed to have found a beautiful spot in the hills of Wicklow. I find your work inspiring and would like to read more. Namaste ❤


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