Archangel Michael


Archangel Michael


I have found from my own experience, as well as from what others have shared with me, that archangel Michael is often the first archangel we encounter when we start to work with the angelic energy.


In Christian scripture Michael stood up for mankind when the legion of fallen angels questioned God’s choice for giving us his full devotion a fought a heavenly battle on our behalf.

For me it is therefore no coincidence that Michael stands so close to us, providing us his protection whenever we need it.

Michael stands for all that is good and just in the world. He wants to help mankind to raise their vibration so that we can work with the angels side by side. His troop of lightworkers is called ‘the legion of light’, and just like choosing to become and earth angel, we all have the option of becoming a member of the sacred legion of light by vowing to work with the energy of Michael to make the world a better place.


The way I envision angels is that they are all aspects of one big angelic realm of energy.

When we call on the different angels, really what we are doing is calling on different aspects of the huge angelic realm, which is bigger than our comprehension.
This is why everyone on the planet can call on and work with any of the archangels simultaneously, without the energy running out, ever.

The other thing that need a quick mention is the mentioning of the male form when referring to archangel Michael. For me angels do not have a particular gender, as they are energy, referring to Michael in the ‘he’ form is just for my ease while writing.


The energy of archangel Michael vibrates as the colour blue, in all its different shades.

This is why often, when receiving angel healing, clients will testament having seen a beam of blue light surrounding them. When you direct a prayer towards archangel Michael and see or sense the colour blue, it is a sign of his presence.


Michael works with us to build strength and courage to speak our truth. However, invoking the energy of Michael can go further than just speaking your truth, it can help us speak our truth in words that the receiver of our message will understand in complete context.

Because he works with us on speaking the truth, Michael is very much linked to the development of the energy centre in our throat, the throat chakra.


During an angelic healing session I will always ask the energy of archangel Michael to be present.

First of all for protection, even though I consciously choose to work only with angelic beings and beings of the highest order for the good of the client, invoking the protection of Michael will provide a sense of calm and ease during the session.

Secondly, archangel Michael can help cut negative cords of attachment to other people, situations or even aspects of the self. Even though cord cutting can seem a pretty simple exercise, the effects are often amazing. Being able to finally stand back and see a situation or relationship for what it actually is, without having the emotions involved is the least one can expect.

Thirdly, as Michael helps with the development of our throat chakra, I would ask his help when treating someone that often has trouble in the throat area with no obvious medical reason. Often dis-ease appears in certain areas of our body because it is linked to an area of personal development. I used to get throat infections more often than usual when I was developing my throat chakra. I was never aware of what was going on and why I just seemed plagued by them until I first started practising Reiki and started learning about what dis-ease in certain areas of the body can actually tell us spiritually. Luckily, I have come a long way since then and now I realize, when my throat does act up, to first look at if there is an issue in my life I need to communicate about.

I will dedicate a future blog to this, as I have found this a mighty interesting subject.


Next time you are in a situation and you want some extra strength and courage, or protection, ask archangel Michael to stand by you. You can keep his energy close by wearing his colour, blue.

When you want to connect with his energy during meditation, you can light a blue candle.

Of course, your intention is most important in this, when your intent is with Michael, he will walk next to you.




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