Every day angels


People are often under the impression that we can call on the angels for big asks only.

However, there is an unlimited amount of angelic help for us out there, and nothing is too small to ask for. I will give you some examples of some very practical angels that can help us in our everyday life. By working with these angels and seeing how help is there all the time, it will allow you to see that the angelic force definitely is at work for humanity 24/7.

Parking angels

Parking angels are great, especially for people like me, who are parking-challenged. Parking angels help you to find a parking space, no matter where it is you are travelling.

It is important that you ask for help before you go on your journey, or at least 5 minutes before you arrive, as sometimes things need to be set in motion for you.

I tend to ask, very specifically, for a parking space where I can park…meaning two or more spaces next to each other. It’s funny, as I always find enough space for ME to park.

Sometimes it gets better, I find that more frequently than expected I find free parking, or people offering me free tickets with left over parking.

Once the most amazing thing happened and they really helped me out. I was parked on the main street of a nearby town for a few minutes running in and out of the post office. This town is notorious for its parking officers, who seem to all have been assigned a patch of about a square acre to patrol on all day. So, of course, not having bought my 20 cent ticket, because the machine was out of order, when I came out of the post office, I could see about 500 meters away, up the hill, a parking warden walking towards my car. I knew that I would never be at my car before him, so I sent a prayer to the parking angels to please, please, please make my car invisible as to avoid a 50 euro fine. I see the warden approaching my car, and then bypass it, as it wasn’t there! Gobsmacked I sent a thousandandone thank you’s up to heaven!

Angels of peace and harmony

The angels of peace and harmony can be asked for help in any situation of which you know has the potential to bring disharmony and conflict to your life.

We all have certain people or situations in our life of which we are acutely aware that our relationship with them is unbalanced enough to be tempted to get into an argument.

This can be anything from a partner not pulling their weight around the house to a manager in work that tends to lead without listening, to a nagging family member often with the best of intentions pushing all of your buttons.

If you know you are going to be in a situation that can cause conflict, you may call on these angels to help keep everything at peace and in harmony.

I have used the angels of peace and harmony often when I knew I was at risk of losing my cool in a situation or just wanted peace for the day. The great thing is that it is often only when the situation passes you by and you reflect that you all over sudden realize that everything seemed to be at peace. It is a great feeling that comes with the realization though, a little gift from heaven.

Shopping angels

Shopping angels help us do our shopping. For non-shoppers like me they are a great addition to life.

To give you an example, in springtime I needed a new coat. I didn’t really have a spring coat, just my rain jacket and my winter coat. I knew exactly what I wanted, a black long raincoat with a belt and a non-standard look. I ask the shopping angels to please put it in the clothing shop where I always browse first. So, on my shopping day I went into the shop and there was the coat hanging on a rack, waiting for me. I tried it on and didn’t find it long enough. So I kindly thanked my shopping angels and asked them to please send me another coat, like that one, but longer, by the following week. A few days later I happened to be in the shopping centre again, and there it was, the long coat, only 1 in store, in my size! Still wear it with joy.

Angels of protection

The angels of protection can be asked to help us protect anything that we want to keep safe. For me, I often ask the angels of protection to please protect me in my car, wherever I am journeying, especially late at night and or when the weather is atrocious.

Of course, we have our guardian angel, who is always there to protect us, but sometimes it might be nice for our guardian angel to have some company, or rest 😉

I know the angels of protection are at play when I am trying to speed over a country road and no matter how hard I put my foot on the peddle, the car just will not go any faster. Like a little reminder not to tempt fate whilst protected.

Another time when I ask for assistance from the angels of protection is when I wake up in the middle of the night, imagining thieves might come and steal my car or enter my home. I always ask them to please make my property invisible from intruders, which gives me the calm I need to go back to sleep. I often add the other houses in the street to my prayer, just to give my neighbours protection as well, I ask for the street to be put under a protective dome. I thank the angels of protection for they have kept me safe until now, and I am sure for a long time still to come.

Finding angels

Finding angels are the angels that help us find things.

For people like me, that walk upstairs at least twice daily, only to find out that somewhere on the way the train of thought as to why I was pushing myself through the exercise is gone, finding angels are great.

I misplace my phone all the time. My phone is a small black smartphone, and you will be amazed how easily it gets lost in the most obvious of places. Especially when I place it on a black chair, my dark table top, or for some reason had it with me in my meditation room/practice. Whenever this happens, I kindly ask the finding angels to please show me where my phone is. I then either get an image of my phone’s location in my mind’s eye, or I am being led to where it is. This is particularly funny when it is laying on the kitchen counter and I really just don’t see it, and keep asking ‘where?’ until finally I realize it is right in front of me. In those instances I imagine the finding angels shaking their heads in laughter.

Angels of Joy and laughter

The angels of joy and laughter can bring fun wherever it is needed.

When you go to or are organizing a party, these are great angels to ask for help. You are guaranteed to have a lovely evening together with your friends, with loads of good times.

You can ask the angels of joy and laughter to travel with you throughout the day, if you wish to bring happiness into your world by bringing a smile to the faces of the people you meet.

I invoke the angels of joy and laughter when I meet up with friends and just want to have a good time and allow for everyone to have a stress free time where they can just enjoy life.


There are so many angels I could introduce to you, the list of angels that offer us help is endless. I encourage you to go out (or stay in) and try some practical angel help for yourself today, what do you have to lose?

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