Synchronicity, the story of the rainbow crystal


Synchronicity, sometimes the universe has a way of making magical things happen.

One of the most special moments I have encountered synchronicity, is when the beautiful rainbow crystal came into my life.

In September 2012 I spend a holiday with friends in Nevada. One of the things we did was to visit Virginia City, once a settlement on the route between San Francisco and Denver, now an old style mining town which attracts visitors from wide and far.

In this town I found a most wonderful crystal shop, where I had to shop taking luggage restrictions into account. Even though I already had several pointed clear crystals, my eye was drawn to a lovely little clear South American quartz cluster, which I decided to bring home with me without thinking much of it. Of course it was special to me, as all my crystals are, but nothing really stood out about it.

Almost a year later I was to follow a course with the lovely Catherine McMahon ( to become a certified angel teacher. At first I planned to do the course in Glosna Holistic Centre, but a friend and colleague asked me to follow the course with her in Catherine’s home, as that friend has trouble driving distances and Catherine’s home is only half an hour away from her. Of course I agreed, as I knew following the course together with this friend would make it even more special and we’d become certified teachers together.

Before the course Catherine received an amount of beautiful rose quartz crystals, which she displayed in her home until she found them an even better place to live. As we were talking about these crystals during the second day of the course she pointed out that she received this clear Lemurian quartz crystal in the same box as the rose quartz, and it seemed to need a bit of love and attention. So, we took turns in holding the crystal and placed it in the middle of the altar to give it the attention it deserved. You might call me mad, but you could see the sparkle come back to it.

As we were speaking about Lemurian crystals vs. regular clear quartz crystals, the next day I decided to bring my little cluster from Virginia City with me, as I felt it was a Lemurian crystal as well. You can find more information on the difference between Lemurian and regular crystals online, for me even though both crystals would have the same properties, Lemurian crystals feel more balanced and more powerful.

So, back to Catherine’s home. There I was sitting with my own little cluster and the big cluster, when for some reason I felt the urge to see if they fitted together in some way. I got the idea that somehow these two crystals were long lost pieces of the same crystal.

I placed the top left of my cluster into the right bottom part of the big cluster and it was like they were glued together. It was an unbelievable moment in space and time.

Here I was, I travelled from Ireland to Nevada and felt the urge to buy this one crystal, meanwhile somewhere someone was packing a box with rose quartz and decided to put in this Lemurian crystal. Then I was asked to join a different study group than I planned, which I did. Then, for some reason we were drawn to the big crystal and I decided to bring my little crystal to join it the next day. Et voila, the universe had orchestrated a small miracle to bring the two crystals back together. They are now living happily in my practice.

I do believe that this might not be the end of this crystal, it came into my life for a reason. I don’t know this reason yet, but am sure it is a magical one. I love it when magic happens.

2 Comments Add yours

  1. Srimanju says:

    So remember that moment and energy of the beautiful crystals…rainbow colors on them… Love and hugs


    1. CC's Healing Journey says:

      I wasn’t sure if I could mention you by name Srimanju. I am happy you were part of it xx


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