I just experienced the most wonderful deep meditation. One of the perks of my spiritual journey is that I get to meditate a lot, and get to introduce others to meditation and guide them through their first journeys of the mind. I have dedicated blogs to meditation in the past and will do so in the future, as there are so many benefits to practising.

Currently I am going through the depths of the Theta meditations offered to me through my music app. I am no expert in music and cannot explain to you how Theta works, but I do find the vibrations coming from this type of music deeply relaxing. I do use it myself in my personal energy awareness classes, where I allow students to sit in their own energy, exploring their own energy, while listening to specific music that helps this cause.

Anyways, back to my wonderful meditation. The reason why it was so wonderful.

This meditation did not bring me on a wonderful visualization to meet elementary beings, angels or my spirit guides. This visualization did not focus on what I want to manifest into my life at the moment, it didn’t focus on any healing. It didn’t focus on anything but just being.

We humans are always going from one destination of our journey to the next. If we do take time out we often still focus on what we can heal in the present, or what we want to do next. Seldom do we sit down and just allow ourselves to be, to experience the fact that we are right here, right now, because we are meant to be. Without then going on a mission to find out why.

I experienced that by just focusing on being, without trying to control any part of my essence, I connected very strongly to my I AM presence. The I AM presence that is the essence of our soul, the divine light we all carry inside us. The I AM presence that on a larger scale connects all beings in our universe.

I love the following mantra, which is truly powerful in connecting us to the light:

I AM light, glowing light, radiating light, intensified light.

Divine energy transforms my darkness, transforming into light.


This day I AM the focus of the central sun.

Flowing through me is a crystal river.

A living fountain of light that can never be qualified by human thought or feeling.


I AM an outpost of the divine,

Such darkness that has used me is swallowed up by the mighty river of light which I AM.

I AM, I AM, I AM light.

I live, I live, I live in light.

I AM lights fullest dimension.

I AM lights purest intention.

I AM Light, light, light, flooding the world everywhere I move, blessing, strengthening and conveying the purpose of the Divine.

Saying this mantra out loud 3 times will grow the light within you, I find it very powerful.

I would love to hear your experiences with it.

The meditation is called Meditation::Deep – Deepest Vision Binaural Theta & Solfeggio 936hz 3rd Eye Meditations by Clear Mind Studios. I have no affiliation with them, and I am not being paid to write this. I just want to share with you this lovely meditation, as I found it so impactful. Please do leave comments if you have a similar meditation that you would like to suggest to everyone reading this blog.

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