Spreading Divine Joy


‘Beginning with the early dawn each day, I will radiate joy to everyone I meet. I will be mental sunshine for all who cross my path. I will burn candles of smiles in the bosoms of the joyless. Before the unfading light of my cheer, darkness will take flight.

Let my love spread its laughter in all hearts, in every person belonging to every race. Let my love rest in the hearts of flowers, of animals, and of little specks of stardust.

I will try to be happy under all circumstances. I will make up my mind to be happy within myself right now, where I am today.

Let my soul smile through my heart and let my heart smile through my eyes, that I may scatter Thy rich smiles in sad hearts.

I will always behold in my life the perfect, healthy, all-wise, all-blissful image of Source.’

The text above was written by Paramahansa yogananda, and it inspires me.

I live my life attempting to spread joy to everyone I meet. Granted, sometimes I fail miserably, but that definitely will not stop me from trying. After all, once I master spreading joy absolutely everywhere I go, it’s job done and time to move on J

I was driving my car home from work during the week, when all over sudden, out of blue, the words ‘I am so happy’ escaped from my mouth. And I do, I feel happy inside. Regardless of the external world and all that is happening in it, there is a sublime piece of joy inside me that I can always reach out to. I so wish for every being on this planet and beyond to have that same ability, and that is why I make it my job to help whoever wants to feel this joy.

When I think of the archangels, the one I feel closest to at most times is Jophiel. Jophiel has a beautiful golden yellow ray of joyous energy, which I call upon often when I am ‘just not feeling it.’ Calling upon the ray is simple yet powerful:

‘Archangel Jophiel, Archangel Jophiel, Archangel Jophiel, please allow for a ray of your beautiful, uplifting, joyous energy to wash over me. Please let this ray of your energy make me feel light and joyous, being fully aware of all the blessings that are in my life right now. In love and light, love and light, love and light.’

Of course, the above is just an example of words to use. Whenever you call archangel Jophiel’s name 3 times and end with a heartfelt thank you, it will work.

Just to show that there are no coincidences when it comes to divine signs: as I was typing the last sentence, all over sudden my music stopped at 36:44. 3+6=9= 3+3+3, and 44 is the number of angelic presence in general. Number 3 is the number of Joy, very much linked to archangel Jophiel. I have a very special connection to the number 3, and whenever I see it I know.

I can only thank the universe for sending me on such a great divine mission.


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