‘Happiness is not a destination, it is a way of life.’

This blog is not about happiness. This blog is about the journey.

As humans we are always on a journey. We are either looking forward to what is coming, looking at the past to what was, looking in the here and now, establishing our current state of mind and seeing where we sit with it.


I myself am very good at journeying. Not just in my car for hours on end, day in and day out, but also in my mind. I am on a continuous journey of self-improvement. Many of us are.

I am very good at establishing what I like and not like about myself and my life, and am forever changing things, changing my attitude to things or walking away from things.


About a month ago someone said ‘I am tired’. This resonated so much with me. Because I am, I am tired. I am tired because in this continuous journey I forgot something.

I forgot to take moments to just be.


To just sit here, by the fire, not doing anything specifically spiritual, not being intentionally mindful, not noticing anything specific around me, not consciously connecting with my feelings to establish what is irking me. Just to sit here, eating an apple and looking at the flames. Quiet.


There is no technique for just being. I can tell you to just sit in a comfy chair and do nothing. Whatever voice is coming in your head about doing the recycling, washing your hair, making tea, just let it be. Allow yourself some time. I promise that if the world were to come to an end, you can be happy as weren’t doing laundry in the last moments of time.


To just be involves accepting the fact that you are human and you don’t have all the answers. That is fine. Making mistakes? That is fine. Low on patience? That is fine. We are who we are. Nothing more, nothing less. It’s fine.


As I realize more and more that all I need to do is just be, I find myself letting go.

There are many battles in my life I do not want to fight. I am trying to establish if these battles are presented to me so I can pick up a fight with the other person, with myself or with the universe. I don’t know, I don’t have the answer. So, I am going to continue on being who I am and I accept that I don’t have the answer. I assume that if there is an answer that is to come to me, it will. Acceptance.






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