Ong Namo Guru Dev Namo


Mantras are strings of words which are sung in repetition.
Each sound in each word has its own tone and vibration.
These vibrations will impact us from within, as well as the energy around us.

The most well-known chant from Asian tradition is likely Om.
It is hard to describe what Om means. For me, the closest description is that it encompasses and acknowledges the divine truth in all of existence. Don’t take my word for it though, go on your own journey to find out what it means to you.
For me, chanting Om brings me in touch with the divine energy within and around me.
Transforming darkness into light.

One of the mantras I have been chanting a lot lately is Ong Namo Guru Dev Namo.
Those who practice Kundulini yoga might have heard it before.

A translation of the mantra is:
Ong Namo -I bow to the subtle divine wisdom
Guru Dev Namo – I bow to the divine teacher within

Chanting this mantra means you are acknowledging yourself as a spiritual being and as your greatest teacher. Too often we look to the outside world for a spiritual teacher, while in fact we carry the divine within. Acknowledging this divine teacher within us is acknowledging ourselves as whole and full of wisdom. I am my own teacher, therefore I can be my divine self. The divine is the same whether is around me or within me. There is only one divine.

This mantra inspired me to write the following:

There is divine wisdom in everything and everyone.
See the divine wisdom in yourself.
In all your quirks, and pains and faults.
In all your love and all your glory.

It is but when we start to see the teachings in every moment that we truly start to See.
I See me.
I See you.

I want to learn from myself. From my own experiences and from my own wisdom.
The true guru lays inside of me.

Not to look beyond.
Not to be overseen.
Stand tall in your own inner knowing.
Stand tall in your kindness.
Stand tall in your inner peace.

Move forward in love.
Love for life.
Love for the self.
Love for the other.

Meet the other, in yourself.
You are me and I am you.
In love. In spirit.


Namaste, may you be well, happy and successful.

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