Truth is…


I have always been out there searching for the truth.
More recently I have been pondering about what ‘truth’ means.
There are a lot of people, preaching that they know ‘the truth’.
But what is that, what is ‘truth’?

There are a few things I know about truth. First, each of us knows their own truth.
You are the only person that in day to day life doesn’t see themselves in 3D. Therefore, what your perspective, is always going to be from a different perspective than that of anyone else in this world. This alone dictates that there cannot be just the one truth.

Most often, when we are arguing, we do nothing more than saying to the other: ‘I need you to accept my truth as the truth’. So, those times that you have won an argument, you have heard the other say: ‘I accept your truth as the truth’. That is not to say the other always accepts your truth as the truth, more often than not, they are just tired of trying to make you see their truth.
There is nothing more beautiful than that moment, when you get to know someone and through conversation you really get to see them. You truly see their truth.

‘The truth’ is a very dangerous thing. ‘The truth’ means that you have accepted 1 thing to be the truth and now you do not have to ever think about that thing again, unless something forces you to.
Truth is, people have taken many falsities as truth in the past. The earth is flat, Napoleon was a very short man in his age, Cleopatra was Egyptian, the world will end in 2012, need I go on?
There is much scientific knowledge that we have based modern life on, which might in 50 or 100 years’ time turn out to be completely inaccurate. That is absolutely fine, we can only live with the truth we know in the here and now. The thing is never to stop asking questions about what people consider to be the truth.

I am a sucker for asking questions. I want to understand things.

Part of me becoming an Interfaith Minister is closely tied to wanting to question the truth.
Before being accepted onto the Interfaith seminar, I visited many religions.
My main problem: accepting something as truth.

As I have talked about before in the blog about the God of my understanding, I cannot see God as a being, a man that lives in the sky and intervenes in people’s lives. The same way that I cannot believe that if I clean the house at Passover but leave but 1 breadcrumb, that breadcrumb will allow evil into the house. I can imagine that there are 2 forces in the world, one that is good and one that is evil, but currently I am not accepting it as my truth.
Note that all the above are I-statements. I cannot take these things as my truth, that doesn’t mean that I would ever tell anyone that they cannot take those things as their truth.

Truth is a big thing in Interfaith. As an Interfaith Minister I accept that everyone has their own truth and is entitled to their own truth. This acceptance is a big thing. This acceptance allows me to hear others with an open heart and create an understanding of what is their truth.
I find hearing other speaking about their truth one of the most fascinating things in life.

How are you in your truths? Are you aware of the truths that you live with? Do you challenge your own truth?

One reason to never stop seeking the truth is because we can live with an inner truth that does not help us in any way. If someone tells you a ‘truth’ about yourself enough times, it will likely become an absolute truth for you.

Having been bullied as a teenager, I can tell you a few things about this type of ‘inner truth’.
For years, I was told daily that I smell, I am ugly and I have no reason to exist on this planet.
To this day, I have behaviours that proof that this ‘truth’ forced upon me over 3 decades ago, is still living inside me to date. This doesn’t mean that it goes unchallenged.
Whenever I have a day where I look in the mirror and hear a voice saying I am ugly, I make it a point to look in that mirror for as long as it takes to see the beauty in me.
My truth about me is that I am worthy of this life, I am a beautiful person and I only smell after not showering for 3 days.

Most important thing to realize the difference between your own truth, and truth that was forced upon you. Are your truths things that you have figured out for yourself? Or are they things that others have said to you and you have accepted them as truth because they sounded alright to you?

How many times I have fallen into the trap where someone told me a ‘truth’ about another person, and without questioning it, I believed them. Me, with all my knowledge, being a human as can be.
There is always more than 1 side to a story. Even if all the facts line up against someone, still, there is another side to the story.
We have all been at the wrong side of a story. All of us have been measured by someone else’s made up truth. All of us have measured people by our own made up truth. Simply because we aren’t always in the space where we can meet the other and truly hear them.
The best we can endeavour to be is to have awareness of this. It would take a superhuman to never be in this space of making up truths. In the end, it doesn’t matter.

In the end, truth is…there is no truth.
As long as we will always remember that there is no one absolute truth, we’ll be fine.
I know that I will never stop challenging my truth, I hope you won’t either.


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