About Interfaith

What is Interfaith?

The simplest way for me to describe interfaith is that I do not consider any one religion as being the truth, but rather seek the truth in every religion.

What this means in practicality is that I have been on a journey for many years. I have studied different religions and their practices. I have practiced rituals from different religions, to understand their significance and to feel what it means to practice these rituals. I have had many conversations with people about what or who they consider to be the god of their understanding.
All this feeds in my understanding of my spirituality and my god.

What can I expect from an Interfaith Minister?

An Interfaith minister plays a similar role to any leader in a religious organization.
I can create a ceremony for you, to commemorate and/or celebrate important life events. My ministry also involves chaplaincy, which means speaking with people about the divine and how the divine influences their life.
Next to this, many Interfaith ministers are involved in social activism. My personal journey in this space is around building a more humane and positive society, ‘be the change’. I try to lead by example and be of service.

Because interfaith ministers are not bound by a specific religion, you will find that there is much diversity amongst us. Each minister will have experienced their own inspiration as to why they took on this journey.
We do all adhere to the same ethic code: https://www.interfaithfoundation.org/code-of-ethics/

How do you become an Interfaith minister?

One Spirit Interfaith holds a two year course in London, England.
The first year curriculum is very much focused on different faith paths and also the deepening of personal spirituality.
The second year of the course is about writing and conducting ceremony and strengthening spiritual counseling skills. It is also very much about the question of why someone would want to become an ordained minister and the work it will involve for the individual.
This course involves a deep personal transformative journey which is not written anywhere in the curriculum and cannot be taught by anyone but the self.
Learn more about the training here: https://www.interfaithfoundation.org/become-a-minister/