Survival strategies for the ‘Festive’ season

Too early to talk about surviving the ‘Festive’ season? Not for those of us who have felt fear from the moment the first decorations hit the high street.
Here are some survival strategies in case you need them. You’ve got this!

Walking Meditation

Meditating is great, it relaxes the mind and the body, eases stress, allows us to live in the moment. There are many ways of meditating. From sitting on the curb drinking a cup of tea, watching the world go by to lying in bed listening to a guided meditation. None is better than another. The…

I AM climate change

Yesterday Donald Trump announced that the USA is retrieving from the Paris climate change agreement. Needless to say, social media is full of people being angry at this fact. I agree that it is a very bad thing for a country to pull out of the agreement. At the same time, I keep noticing something:…

Go Placidly Amid the Noise

I found this poem by Max Ehrmann on the wall of a church outside of Conna (co. Cork) last weekend. I love it, given the fact it was written in 1927 it couldn’t be more accurate for this present time. I often assume that the way this world is made of noise & haste is…

Spiritual Bypassing

A couple of weeks ago I was at a meeting and something really ticked me off. I was trying to control my anger still, when walking into the next meeting. We started the meeting telling each other how we felt in this specific point in time and I came clean: ‘I am livid’, I said….

Breaking all the rules

This month has led me on the path of the Abrahamic traditions. Abrahamic traditions are those religions that trace their origin back to the figure Abraham. Christianity, Judaism, Islam and Eastern Monotheistic religions. Or, in my world, the religions of ‘right and wrong’. Rules are there to be broken. My favourite story to illustrate this,…

Of Fear and Love

Two weeks ago I was reading the book ‘Conversations with God’ by Naele Donald Walsh. If you like books that make you think and laugh at the same time, I very much recommend you read it. This sentence really struck me, as it seemed so applicable in my life right now: ‘…Every human thought, and…

Meditation on your own Divine Light

I love all things simple yet powerful when it comes to meditation. Meditation is such an empowering tool, and it is there for everyone, free for all. During the week I found myself reading a book as one of my clients cancelled her appointment very much last minute, while I was already on my travels….


So many people say they ‘just want to be happy.’ However, when it comes down to what they think will make them happy, they find it very hard to answer this. I have only recently discovered the answer to what will make me happy. What I have discovered is that what will make me happy…


I just experienced the most wonderful deep meditation. One of the perks of my spiritual journey is that I get to meditate a lot, and get to introduce others to meditation and guide them through their first journeys of the mind. I have dedicated blogs to meditation in the past and will do so in the future, as there are so many benefits to practising.