Spreading Divine Joy

‘Beginning with the early dawn each day, I will radiate joy to everyone I meet. I will be mental sunshine for all who cross my path. I will burn candles of smiles in the bosoms of the joyless. Before the unfading light of my cheer, darkness will take flight. Let my love spread its laughter…


So many people say they ‘just want to be happy.’ However, when it comes down to what they think will make them happy, they find it very hard to answer this. I have only recently discovered the answer to what will make me happy. What I have discovered is that what will make me happy…

Living with the four agreements

1. Be impeccable with your word
2. Don’t take anything personally
3. Don’t make assumptions
4. Always do your best

This blog is about my personal journey with the agreements, and my continuous effort to master them.

Every day angels

People are often under the impression that we can call on the angels for big asks only.
However, there is an unlimited amount of angelic help for us out there, and nothing is too small to ask for. I will give you some examples of some very practical angels that can help us in our everyday life. By working with these angels and seeing how help is there all the time, it will allow you to see that the angelic force definitely is at work for humanity 24/7.