Are you a Villain?

This blog is about villains. We all love to hate them.
From very early days, and in nearly all religions and spiritual movements there is good and evil.

Spiritual Bypassing

A couple of weeks ago I was at a meeting and something really ticked me off. I was trying to control my anger still, when walking into the next meeting. We started the meeting telling each other how we felt in this specific point in time and I came clean: ‘I am livid’, I said….

Of Fear and Love

Two weeks ago I was reading the book ‘Conversations with God’ by Naele Donald Walsh. If you like books that make you think and laugh at the same time, I very much recommend you read it. This sentence really struck me, as it seemed so applicable in my life right now: ‘…Every human thought, and…

Meditation on your own Divine Light

I love all things simple yet powerful when it comes to meditation. Meditation is such an empowering tool, and it is there for everyone, free for all. During the week I found myself reading a book as one of my clients cancelled her appointment very much last minute, while I was already on my travels….

Your very best friend

Take a moment to think about your best friend. Think about all the qualities that your best friend has that makes them so great. It’s great to have someone in your life that is always there for you, gives you unconditional support, offers a shoulder to lean on and you can have fun with. Now,…

The Pain

I am the pain;

The pain that is unaccepted;

I am already rejected;

Before I announce myself.