Why choose a separation ceremony?

There are many reasons why relationships end. The person with whom you once shared ‘the happiest day of your life’, with whom you declared your love for each other in front of the people you hold dear, with whom you build a home and a life, that person might one day no longer be the…

The Perennial Philosophy

The Perennial Philosophy is a book written by Aldous Huxley, author of ‘Brave new World’, amongst other works. It was published shortly after WWII in 1946. It’s one of the first modern ‘interfaith’ books. Aldous Huxley brings forward the point that all religions share the same metaphysical truth. This truth is more important to each…

The heart of God

When you love, don’t say ‘God is in my heart’
But rather ‘I am the heart of God’.
~ Khalil Gibran

Form and Essence

One of the most important lessons I learned in spirituality was around the concept of Form. Form, the outward expression of the philosophy behind any religion. Form can mean wearing orange robes, black robes, white robes. It can also mean honouring your ancestors through various ways such as visiting their grave, having a home altar…

Why I love a Sceptic

I remember holding a talk in a village library a few years back. One of the ladies attending asked me loads of questions, really keeping the momentum going. Afterwards the librarian came up to apologize to me, feeling I had been under fire for part of the talk. I explained there was no apology needed….

The God of My Understanding

Since I started training as an Interfaith minister I have had a lot more conversations about God than ever before in my life. I like these conversations, because every single one of them helps me explore my understanding of what we tend to refer to as ‘God’. The most important question I have been asked…