Do we not have enough religion to love each other?

“We have enough religion to hate, but not enough to love one another” This Jonathan Swift quote is often used to make the point that religion is no good, as it is just spreading fear and because of that fear: hatred. Another a quote by Jonathan Swift: “If a man would register all his opinions…

The heart of God

When you love, don’t say ‘God is in my heart’
But rather ‘I am the heart of God’.
~ Khalil Gibran

Well, I dream’d That stone by stone I rear’d a sacred fane, A temple, neither Pagod, Mosque, nor Church, But loftier, simpler, always open-door’d To every breath from heaven, and Truth and Peace And Love and Justice came and dwelt therein; -Akbar’s Dream

Form and Essence

One of the most important lessons I learned in spirituality was around the concept of Form. Form, the outward expression of the philosophy behind any religion. Form can mean wearing orange robes, black robes, white robes. It can also mean honouring your ancestors through various ways such as visiting their grave, having a home altar…